The 3rd Annual Mother’s Day Design Contest

Design a piece of jewelry for your mom for Mother’s Day and our bench jewelers will pick out the design that is the most feasible and most creative.
We will make the winner’s design in sterling silver and imitation stones, for FREE!

Here are the basics to participate in our Mother’s Day Design Contest:

We are collecting designs from March 30- April 24
*Must be under 18 to enter.*
Please turn in the design via email to . We will need the designer’s name and their guardian’s contact information to coordinate any further design questions before we move into production.
Our goal is to have the piece of jewelry ready to present to mom on Mother’s Day, but it will depend on how quickly we can coordinate after a winner is selected.

Need inspiration? Check out the previous years’s winners HERE!

Have questions or need more details? You can call us at 269-344-2288 or follow this LINK to email us.

Drawing, wax model, and finished piece