Design Contest Winner

Teel Jewelers wants to congratulate Chistie Ward on her gorgeous jewelry design for her Mom!

There’s certainly a lot of talent out there, we feel special that we got a glimpse of future jewelry designers! If you didn’t win this time don’t worry you can try again next year.  Or help dad out with the next wedding anniversary and design something for him to have made!

The Process

We have a few pictures to share of the design process. First you need a concept for a design, usually drawn from other designs, nature, art or anything that sparks your interest! Christie supplied us with her creative idea with this drawing:

The next step is to carve the design out of wax. Lost wax casting is a popular method of producing  jewelry. Lost wax casting is a technique that starts by carving a wax, making an investment (similar to plaster) mold, melting the wax out, and then at a high speed injecting the molten metal into the mold (centrifugal casting).

Once the piece is cast, any imperfections are sanded away and the metal is polished:

Next the pieces and parts are assembled and given a final cleaning.

This is the completed piece, what a lucky Mom!!


We regularly make custom jewelry, when you get hit with inspiration and need something made we are here for you! Here is a link to the other services we offer.